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Don't Skimp on Medical Treatment after an Injury

Posted by Joshua R. Evans | May 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

Don't Skimp on Medical Treatment after an Injury. Here is why.

Injury victims often skimp on treatment to save money, but there isn't a reason to do so. Medical bills and future medical costs. These are usually the largest case expense. In Illinois, you have the right to recover the entire amount billed by your health care provider. Regardless if you paid the bill in full, in part, or the bill was paid by a health insurer. So in Illinois cases, medical bills and future medical costs are your best source of maximizing your recovery.

For cases where you are billed $10,000 let's say. You have health insurance, and that health insurance reduces that billed amount in half and your out of pocket is $1,000. In Illinois, you get to claim $10,000 in medical bills in your injury case even though you only paid out of pocket $1,000. Here is the flip side.

Your healthcare provider has a right to bill you directly instead of submitting the bill to your health insurance company. So that $10,000 bill can literally be a $10,000 to you- even if you have health insurance.

Your healthcare can also submit the total bills to your lawyer and place a "lien" on your file. A lien is essentially a document that requires your lawyer or the at fault insurance company to pay back the medical provider out of the proceeds on the full amount. Think of it this way, you are recovering money for a medical bill that you may not have paid. It is only fair that the bill be paid.

Lawyers at our firm will work to get medical provider to bill the health insurance company, take less than the full amount of the bill, and reduce any liens. That puts more money in your pocket.

It involves a process of negotiation with the healthcare provider. This negotiation allows the lawyer to push the medical provider to take less money on the bill. Without going into too much detail, there are several legal doctrines you can use to get that $10,000 total bill reduced- putting more money in your pocket.

In addition, there are future medical bills. These are usually an issue if the person has public health insurance, like Medicare. There are laws that require the future medical benefits that are going to be paid by these public health insurers be paid in advance of the treatment. More negotiations to reduce those future medical costs.

All that said, those who were injured as a result of a car wreck or negligent doctor in Illinois have every reason to treat and keep treating until they are better.

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