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Motorcycle Wreck


When a motorcycle wreck causes you injures, you deserve competent representation. If an at fault driver caused you injury, he or she may be liable to pay monetary compensation for your property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, lost future income, pain and suffering, as well as emotional damages. The majority of states require drivers to carry automobile liability coverage. The amount of liability coverage varies from state to state. Once a claim is made against the at fault driver's insurance, that driver's insurance company will begin defending the claim. All insurance companies have a team of investigators, adjusters, and attorneys looking to pay you as little as possible on your claim. You need an advocate prosecuting the claim on your behalf. The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. has decades of experience fighting those insurance companies.

There are many reasons why motorcyclists become injured other than negligent drivers. One of the most common ways involves other leaving trash or debris in the roadway. In particular, grass clippings from mowing can cause extremely dangerous conditions for motorcyclists. We explore the concept of recovering for grass clippings in the roadway below.

Can I recover for grass clippings in the roadway?

Transcript of Video:

My motorcycle wrecked because of grass-clippings. Can I recover? In other words, whose grass was it?

Yes. You absolutely can. Everyone has to mow their yard, but some people like to blow their yard clipping into the roadway- instead of bagging or blowing them toward their yard. If a motorcyclist hits those clippings-especially on a turn, those clippings turn into a sheet of ice.

The person mowing his or her yard has a duty to prevent grass clippings from finding their way onto the roadway. In fact, 415 ILCS 105 make it a punishable offense to deposit clippings onto public property. In addition, there are municipal and other local government rules preventing this practice. The harm to a motorcyclist can be extreme, and to prevent the harm, the lawn mower needs to ride in the opposite direction.

In order to recover for the injuries you sustain after a wreck, you want to get the address where the clippings originated. This claim will be against the home owners insurance. The homeowner may hire a contractor to mow. In that case, you may have another source of insurance money. But it all starts with getting the address. Don't assume the police will gather this information. If it is a busy day and you are injured, you may lose out on the evidence you need. Whose grass was it? That is your first question.

Take pictures of the grass in the roadway if possible. You want clear evidence that this grass caused the injury. Naturally, you may be too hurt to take pictures. Asking someone at the scene is a great idea if your phone has been smashed or you can't physically do it.

Bicyclists and motorcyclists can have wrecks that cause really severe injuries. When a wreck involves only one vehicle, it is natural for those coming on the scene to assume you merely lost control. If you are able tell everyone you can that you saw grass clippings. Police and EMTs may put this in their notes and hopefully investigate.

Last tip, make sure you get medical treatment. Keep treating until you are fully recovered. In another video I explain why skimping on treatment is never a good idea. So keep treating. But if possible watch out for those clippings.

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