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Madison County's Defiance of the Governor's Stay Home Order

Posted by Joshua R. Evans | May 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Madison County just voted to defy the Governor's stay at home order and open Madison County back up for business. If you are a business owner, think it threw before you flip that sign back to Open. Here is the deal. If you have a State License to operate, think of liquor licenses, cosmetology licenses, professional licenses, you are regulated by the State of Illinois. Just because the County in which you transact business allows you to open up, that doesn't mean you are home free.

Now I'm not saying COVID-19 is why you should remain closed. I'm not even telling you to stay closed. I just want to bring to your attention some legal information so when Johnny Law shows up and you are welcoming customers, holding your Pritzker Sucks sign, you aren't surprised. The State of Illinois has the power to regulate you through that licensure. While I've never understand why, the precedent has been set. The State can regulate business. So be careful and give thoughtful consideration to opening up in defiance of the State.

Now that you given it some thought, I tip my hat to those of you following the Madison County Board's vote and opening up, but I give you this word of caution that the State of Illinois isn't likely to accept the excuse that Madison County told me I could do it as a defense if the State comes for your license. Food for thought.

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