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The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. is a law firm representing the rights of everyday people. The attorneys and staff are dedicated to protecting the life, liberty, and property of its clients. To that end, the firm routinely takes on the government, large corporations, and insurance companies. The firm has a track record of successful resolutions for its clients no matter what the arena.

After just one year of practice, Edward Unsell left his job as an associate attorney and started his own practice in March 1981. Mr. Unsell rented the adjoining space of his boyhood hangout, the local barbershop. From there, his firm has grown to include two buildings. The firm has undergone many changes over the years but has always represented the legal interests of working-class men and women.

In 2016, Mr. Unsell met a young lawyer named Joshua Evans. Josh had only been practicing for two years, but because of his military background, he took a much more seasoned approach to litigation. Mr. Unsell was impressed with the take no prisoners attitude and aggressive approach Mr. Evans on all his cases. Josh had only been a lawyer for two years but had built a reputation around winning. The two began working together on serious injury cases. After co-counseling on several cases, Mr. Unsell offered Mr. Evans a full partnership in his firm. Today, the two partners to ensure fast and fair resolutions for those injured.

From its inception 35 years ago, the firm has secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for its clients. The attorneys at The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. have successfully advocated in countless state and federal cases, including the Supreme Court of Illinois. The attorneys for The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. have built a reputation as tough and experienced litigators and negotiators on medical malpractice, construction injury, workers compensation, commercial trucking collisions, and auto accidents. Currently, there is over 75 years of legal experience ready to serve the legal needs of The Unsell Law Firm, P.C.'s cherished clientele.

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