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Back Pain

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The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. helps those who have sustained back injuries recover against the responsible parties. Back pain can literally knock you off your feet and prevent you from enjoying life. Because your back is such an essential part of your body, it is important to pursue medical care and treatment if your back becomes injured or begins experiencing pain. Back injuries are some of the most common types of injuries personal injury lawyers see. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can be difficult to recover because back pain can be caused in so many ways.

Some common issues of back pain include lumbar spine herniations and disc bulges, flattening discs from old age, and muscle spasms. Many of the conditions causing back pain can be treated. Our firm can help you secure the financial compensation to get that treatment.

How Can I Recover for Back Pain?
Workers Can Recover

In Illinois, workers who experience back pain can recover financial compensation through the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. This is true even if the back pain is not caused by a sudden or traumatic event. These types of cases are called repetitive trauma cases. If your employment requires you to be on your feet, especially if you are required to bend and twist, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the back pain. 

Car Wreck and Semi-truck Victims Can Recover

Naturally you would expect some back pain after a car wreck. However, that back pain can be a symptom of a much larger issues. In the lumbar spine, a rear end car wreck can cause herniated or bulging discs that will require surgery at some point. The impact of the wreck and especially the size of the other vehicle can also cause more severe trauma to the spine. The lasting impact of a car or semi-truck wreck on your back may require you to file suit or at least pursue an injury claim. The causes of back pain are almost as numerous as the way your can injure your back.

Improper Medical Care

While most treatment providers do an outstanding job, there are exceptions. Back pain can originate from the misdiagnosis or improper medical treatment. While this type of injury to your back is not as common as a car wreck or a work place injury, these types of injuries do happen. To recover, you will need to show the back pain was caused by the error of the treatment providers

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain, depending on the location, can be caused by nerve irritation, muscle spasm, herniated discs, and bulging discs. Obesity and advanced age are also causes of back pain. In many people with back pain, the disc of the spine flatten. This flattening of the disc create pressure on the spine or the nerve coming from the spine. This pressure causes the nerves to become irritated. Treatment providers will call this and conditions like this degenerative disc disease or degenerative joint disease.

Disc herniations are another cause of back pain. A disc herniation will cause inflammation in and around the nerves of the spine. This irritation can cause pain to shoot down the nerve. While disc herniations are common so aren't the treatment options. 

Tight hamstrings, weak muscles, and poor posture can cause back pain. Yet, these less serious conditions can be the result of you or your body compensating for an injury or more serious condition.

Will My Back Pain Last Forever?

Assuming your back pain is caused by a minor condition, like weak muscles, you can usually resolve the pain. Even if your pain is caused by a bulging disc or herniated disc, there are treatment options available. Stretching and strengthening your back and abdominal muscles is an option. A licensed physical therapists will recommend more detailed exercises to resolve back pain. 

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