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What is the process of an Injury Claim | Unsell Law Injury Lawyers

What are the steps to compensation after an injury?

You have been injured. What next?

First Step: Contact Unsell Law

You were injured some way, and it wasn't your fault. You have a claim against someone or something. It could be a claim against your work, a bad driver, a hospital, or property owner with a dangerous condition. You now have a claim against somebody or some entity. We are easy to get ahold of. Contact us at 618-259-3728, on the Contact Form on our website, on Facebook. 

Second Step: You Meet Us. We Investigate, Educate, and Empower You

We schedule a meeting where we talk about what happened to you, who was involved, and what injuries you sustained. We provide you free information and tips to ensure your medical bills are taken care of and ensure you are receiving proper treatment.

Third Step: We Investigate the Claim for You

Many times the responsible party is known from the date the claim arises.  Other times, an investigation is necessary to determine who the responsible party is and more importantly whether there was one or multiple responsible parties. That is our job. Your job is to get better and back to your life. During this period, we keep in touch with you to see how your treatment is going into gather evidence as to the damages you've sustained.

Fourth Step:  We Demand Payment for Your Claim

Once we've completed our investigation which will include securing all of your medical records and bills, information about lost wages, information about any scarring or disfigurement you may have now or in the future, we put together a packet to send to the insurance company asking for compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and much more.  At this point the insurance company is going to make a decision as to whether they will pay you or be sued by us.

If the insurance company doesn't pay, do not fret. We just move to our next process. Find out more here.

Something to consider. What is your injury case worth?

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