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Bar liability for injuries involving alcohol

Illinois Dram Shop laws hold establishments that sell liquor liable for injuries that occur when an intoxicated adult or minor served in the establishment causes injury or property damage to another. This liability extends to any business that serves intoxicating liquor to patrons. One can recover against multiple establishments assuming several places served the intoxicated patron which led to the injury.

In many cases, a Dram Shop claim will include other related claims. For instance, a bar patron may be assaulted by another customer. If the bar over-served the perpetrator before the victim was struck, the bar could be liable to the victim under Illinois' Dram Shop laws. In addition, the perpetrator could also be liable to the victim.

In other situations, the perpetrator may be over-served at a bar and cause a car wreck. The bar could be liable for over-serving the driver. The victim could also sue the at-fault driver for the wreck.

Dram Shop laws do have many limitations. In Illinois, Dram Shop liability does not normally extend to social guests. In addition, intoxication must be a cause of the injuries, but in all reality, one must show the person who injured the victim was served alcohol after becoming intoxicated. Dram Shop liability has many limitations. These limitations include caps on the recovery one can receive pursuant to this claim.

If you have been injured by an intoxicated person, it is important to have a firm that can investigate where the intoxicated person drank before the injury. The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. routinely handles Dram Shop claims. The firm can give your case the individual attention it deserves. The investigators and attorneys at the firm can uncover where the intoxicated individual drank and if more than one establishment should be held responsible.

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