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Premises liability claims involve a condition on a property which leads to an injury. When an owner or occupier has notice of a dangerous condition, said owner or occupier has the duty to warn or otherwise make the condition safe. When that does not happen, an injured party has the right to recover against the owner or occupier.


Injuries caused by an unreasonably dangerous condition on a property can be recoverable against the owner or operator of the property. These claims are known as premises liability claims. A property owner has a duty to keep the property reasonably safe or warn of any dangerous condition on the property.

These claims are fact specific. In general, you must show there was a dangerous condition on the property, the owner knew or should have known about the condition, and you were injured by that condition. In some cases, liability will be found when the dangerous condition was created by the landowner or the landowner's employee. An example of this would be when a restaurant mops a floor but fails to warn about the slippery condition of the floor. Even if the landowner did not know the floor was slippery, the landowner can be found liable for the injuries because his agent's activities caused the condition.

Common premises liability claims include falling in areas with poor lighting, tripping and falling on uneven surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways, loose or non-existent handrails, building code violations that cause injury, uneven steps, and loose carpet.

It is very important to speak to an attorney should you be injured by a dangerous condition on the property of another.. A personal injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances around the injury to determine who if anyone, should be liable.

The Unsell Law Firm, P.C. regularly prosecutes premises liability claims. Our team of attorneys and staff investigate slip and fall claims, counsel our clients on the best course of action, and litigate claims that cannot be settled outside of court.

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